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Sep 20, 2014
9:01 pm
Sep 20, 2014
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Sep 20, 2014
11:32 am
Sep 20, 2014
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Sep 20, 2014
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[1:21:21 PM] Gilead Goldwing: What I really need to do - something that I haven't really done - Is make a personna based on my personality and values.  In a way, it's what everyone else has done - and that's ok.  Other people have appeal to their characters not because they put lots of random markings on themselves - no, they simply found a way to express more of themselves on the skin instead.  In a way, that was the appeal for me when I wanted to dwelve into the furry world - to have an appealing character that everyone could associate with "Gilead."  I've tried many times to make one that works, but every one I come up with just doesn't have that "pop.." and my most recent one just devolved into a toy, not a person (which explains it's longevity and awesomeness.)

My new goal is to take my quirks, habits and personality and tailor a character that functions in a way that's practical to me, yet has that outward appearance that says "this is what I look like... on the inside."  While I have said recently that I am transitioning over to a fox, the precence of Ink and Blot make me realize that he, too, can quickly become a toy, and at the same time the concept is just an interesting thing to play around with.  With that in mind, and knowing that what I want to be is someone I want to be and someone I am, I will be trying something new - and hopefully better - than what I have tried before - Look at the whole picture, and then conceive everything from my most preferred body part functions and shapes to clothes, acessories and weapons, amongst a lot of other things.

The process isn't going to follow a specific formula this time - instead, I'm going to ask s ginormous amount of questions for myself and I ask you to help me in this endeavor.  I want to have as much of me as possible on the board to work with, and that's where you come in - ask me questions about myself, and I'll add it to a growing list and give you updates from time to time.  Thanks for your help, and I hope to hear a LOT from everyone soon!

Yes, too many questions is a hell of a lot better than none.
-Gilead (aka TheHoneyDragon)

Please, ask me as many questions as you can think of.  This is in a way like a 20 questions thread that goes around, but everyone makes the questions and there will be many, many more of them!

The kind of question subjects I"m looking for:
  • Personality. "What makes you...?"
  • Morales and Values.  "What would you do if..."
  • Preferences "What is your favorite..."
  • Habits "Do you like to ... a lot?"
  • Interests "Do you like ...?"
  • Hobbies "What do you like to do when...?"
  • Remember: "Who" "What" "When" "Where" "Why" "How"
  • Other questions like the above that don't fit that contributes to the topic.

The kind of questions I'm NOT looking for:

  • Suggestions.  "Maybe you should..."
  • Requests.  "Could you draw a bunny for me?"
  • Insults.  "Can you tell me why you're ugly?"
  • Inequality-answer questions.  Questions that, no matter how answered, will make me imply a lack of empathy for gender, religeon, heritage, color, disabilities, etc.
  • Rhetorical Questions.  "Do you really think I would ask a question like that?"
  • Questions not directed at me, but at one of my characters.  Or about someone else.  "So, what's Kevin's favorite color?"
  • Any other type of question that does not contribute to the overall picture or takes focus away from the topic.

You can ask me by:
  1. Posting them here
  2. Sending me a Note/PM
  3. Skype, if you know me there.
  4. Posting them here:

I will try to respond to you personally as long as it's an actual question!

Some explanations of this post:
  • I am a closet furry, I just have no suitable character to act upon it.  Never really had one.
  • I have been considering switching to a canine character (fox, dog, wolf or coyote) for some time now.  I just can't decide, which loops back to this post.
  • As far as questions go, questions about myself would be most helpful.  No drawing requests or anything of that nature, please!
  • Ink is an adoptable I bought and named.  Atramentum Draco, Custom Adoptable by AquaMind  Blot is just like Ink, but make of honey.


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